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Referendum Road Map
Answer the Right Questions to Create Sense of Urgency

Posted By Alex Mielke On October 5, 2021

In step two of our multi part blog series which showcases what we have learned, regarding the art and science of conducting a successful referendum campaign, we will learn what questions need to be answered before any significant planning can begin.

If the voters, parents, students and staff in your District see change, represented by the passage of a referendum, that is grounded in a real educational need rather than something mysterious and arbitrary, they are going to embrace it faster. Before any significant planning can begin, a number of critical questions must be answered:

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Referendum Road Map
Establish a Sense of Urgency

Posted By Alex Mielke On August 23, 2021

How do you get your voters to say “yes” to a school tax increase? Over the past few decades, we have been involved in many successful school referenda and have perfected our recipe for referendum success. This post kicks off a multi-part blog series sharing what we have learned regarding the art and science of conducting a successful referendum campaign.

Referenda represents sometimes small, but often large, changes for Districts and communities. Adapting to change can be difficult for individuals, and even more so for large groups of people with varied interests and motivations. However, there are specific steps you can take to ensure your Roadmap to Yes. We have adapted John Kotter’s eight steps to change to provide a framework for the referendum process, because a referendum is ultimately all about change and resistance to change. To begin this series, we will cover the first step in Kotter’s eight-step process to an approved referendum.

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Navigating Your Next Sensitive Construction Project

Posted By Sean Cullen On July 20, 2021

The schedule and operations of a construction project is heavily based on the location and environment. As the Tough Job Experts, JP Cullen teams have been navigating successful sensitive construction projects for decades. These projects can be in a busy downtown environment, require full stop shutdowns to a manufacturing company, fully occupied with residents or […]

Realistic Workplace Scenarios in the Classroom at Blackhawk Technical College

Posted By Tiffany Scuglik On April 8, 2021

If there is anything this past year has taught us all, is the importance of our frontline workers and the need for them. Student interest in healthcare professions have taken off during the pandemic. There are also many students who are finding other interests in hands-on careers at local technical colleges. Many technical colleges are […]

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Deep Historic Roots in Evansville

Posted By George Cullen On September 17, 2020

Our partnership with Evansville schools goes way back – 99 years to be exact. It all started during World War I when Evansville’s elementary school was experiencing crowded conditions. Prior to the referendum process we all know so well today, instead a simple vote was cast at their annual meeting in 1921. With a total […]

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5 Ways To Use Drone Images to Enhance Communication About Your Project

Posted By Cameron Weinbrenner On September 8, 2020
Drone Image of Silver Springs Elementary School

Aerial photography and drone footage have exploded over the last few years with its uses spanning from wedding videos, search and rescue to aerial still imagery. Recently, one of our education clients, Hamilton School District, requested drone images of their final project, which included multiple locations, for use in communications to their staff, parents, students […]

Rapid Response Team:
We Have Your Back

Posted By Sean Cullen On August 25, 2020
Gilda's Club Madison

As the Tough Job Experts, we are challenged with taking on a variety of difficult projects whether it is an 830,000 square foot underground auditorium, a high-security command or data center, an intricate equipment installation in an operating manufacturing plant, remodeling project in an active healthcare facility, or constructing a facility where researchers can be […]

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