Building Smart, Building Strong

There’s a reason businesses, industrial clients, municipal governments, schools, universities and healthcare organizations call us first for their construction and pre-construction needs: because no other builder manages tough jobs – whatever their size – like JP Cullen.

Since 1892, JP Cullen has been known as the builder that manages the projects others can’t, very large, very complex or requiring deep industry-specific expertise. In other words, projects where there’s no room for error.

If you’re planning on putting up a new building, adding an addition or starting a renovation – or if you need specialized steel, masonry, concrete, carpentry or historical restoration work done – rely on JP Cullen to plan and execute your project with maximum efficiency, intelligence and professionalism.

Building a Reputation Since 1892

JP Cullen is a fifth-generation family-owned business. Since 1892, we have taken on the most challenging government, education, healthcare, commerce, industrial, arts & entertainment and historic restoration projects across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

Today we are a $400+ million full-service preconstruction and construction company with 800 employees, managing projects from $1,000 to over $100 million in size – from new construction (office buildings, university buildings, residence halls, healthcare clinics, chemical, food and beverage, manufacturing, and power plants) to additions and renovations (healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, chemical, food and beverage, manufacturing, and power plants) to specialized work (e.g. steel erection, masonry, carpentry, historical restoration, equipment installation).

Our corporate headquarters is located in Janesville, with offices in Milwaukee and Madison.

Our mission is to identify, hire, train and retain the best people to serve our customers. To best achieve this mission, we are committed to our values and beliefs that are at the forefront of our day-to-day operations.

Values: Loyalty, Accountability, Integrity, Drive, Humility, and Leadership

Beliefs: Family, Safety, Process Improvement, Great Builders, Partnership, and People Development

Living Lean

Fundamentally the Lean Process Improvement approach improves processes through constant, continuous improvement. Lean Process Improvement challenges everyone within an organization to identify and eliminate steps in their processes that are wasteful or unnecessary – until only the steps that add value remain.

Lean Process Improvement constantly pushes organizations to find better ways of doing things and produce better and better outcomes. That’s why lean is important to JP Cullen, and that’s why it’s important to our customers.

JP Cullen has been literally built in lean principles. Our Lean Process Improvement program was put in place in 1997, which means we’ve practiced lean longer – significantly longer – than our competitors.

Why does that give JP Cullen an advantage? Because lean cultures are powerful. Unlike traditional cultures that are reactive and geared around avoiding change, a lean process improvement culture is proactive, built to embrace new approaches and constantly challenging the status quo. A lean culture is focused on anticipating and preventing problems instead of reacting after they happen.

You can see all this in how we work, in the way we incorporate the lean process improvement approach at the field level where it matters the most. Where other firms are doing work, we’re improving work. Where others think installing computerized scheduling software is what it means to be lean, our superintendents, foremen and craftspeople are living lean on the job site – continually adding value through repeating cycles of Plan-Do-Check-Act.

All of which is to say that at JP Cullen lean isn’t a fad. It’s a mindset and philosophy that effects the life of every employee, every day.

Self-performed trades

Quality, timely completion and pride in craftsmanship are the pillars of our business and the reason for our success on longevity. On this foundation we’ve built two divisions that offer industry-leading trade expertise in Steel and Concrete & Masonry.

Additionally, our general construction division provides trades for carpentry, demolition, heavy rigging and excavation. Each provides services by hard bid as well as negotiated contracts.


Every construction manager talks about safety records. At JP Cullen we go beyond standardized plans and safety manuals. We thoroughly assess the work site, the project phases and the constituencies affected. Then we create a site- and constituent-specific safety plan that addressed the real-life, day-to-day challenges of the job. For us, the safety of your staff and visitors as paramount.


In addition to construction management and general contracting, JP Cullen also offers design-build services. This project delivery system offers many advantages including the ability to fast-track the schedule, cost savings through early preconstruction involvement and competitive bidding, and all cost savings on the project are returned to you. With this approach, you also only have to contract with one firm, reducing conflicts by having one single firm responsible to you.

The green experts

We specialize in assisting our clients in developing sustainable, green options that deliver high performance facilities yet minimize the impact on budgets. Our sustainable and LEED building experience includes more that 20 major projects with a total value in excess of $500 million. Among them the State of Iowa’s first LEED Platinum State Office Building.

Whether you are looking to include sustainability options or certify your buildings, count on our on-site leadership, detailed tracking procedures, management, and collaborative approach.