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Rapid Response Team:
We Have Your Back

Posted By Sean Cullen On August 25, 2020
Gilda's Club Madison

As the Tough Job Experts, we are challenged with taking on a variety of difficult projects whether it is an 830,000 square foot underground auditorium, a high-security command or data center, an intricate equipment installation in an operating manufacturing plant, remodeling project in an active healthcare facility, or constructing a facility where researchers can be studying dangerous pathogens in one side of the building while research for improved production methods are being conducted safely in the other.

Our ability to be nimble and reactive in these critical situations along with our unrivaled field team and deep relationships with subcontractors and suppliers is why we can quickly respond to the unexpected.

One aspect of our day to day lives that often brings uncertainty is natural disasters. Located in the Midwest, we are frequent victims to floods, heavy storms, and occasionally tornadoes. When we complete a project, it does not end there. Our team is ready to respond whether it be restoration, damage assessment, cleanup, or assisting with costs. If our project team is not available, someone from JP Cullen will be able to help no matter what time of day or day of the week.

Devastating Floods

In August 2018, devastating floods hit Gilda’s Club in Middleton, WI. At the highest point, the water neared 10 feet, destroying everything in the basement. The floods decimated the facility that provides counseling to more than 4,000 patients and their families every year as they deal with the effects of cancer. With over $1.2 million in damages, Gilda’s was forced to close immediately and move their operations to 13 other sites in the Madison area.

Our team was ready to respond. The project consisted of water removal and restoration of the facility, office and support space renovations, and entrance renovation. Just seven months later, Gilda’s opened their signature red doors to continue to provide emotional support, hope, education, and camaraderie to children and adults living with cancer, as well as to their family and friends.

Tornado Destruction

A few years back, a tornado passed through the City of Madison causing destruction to Epic’s campus. We managed the overall process on Epic’s behalf from immediate response to assessing the damage, heading up the insurance appraisal efforts, planning and executing the restoration efforts, and tracking and reconciling costs with the insurance company. This instance affected multiple occupied buildings as well as construction sites. There was damage and replacement needed for roofing, siding, custom aluminum-clad windows, interior finishes, and landscaping. Our team was quick to secure the areas, cleanup the affected buildings, and install temporary measures to restore safe access.

Unexpected Events

Not only have we been quick to respond to natural disasters, but also unexpected events. Soon after completion at a project in Madison, WI there was a car accident that caused damage to the UW Health Union Corners. Although our part of the project was completed, that did not mean our job was over. We jumped at the opportunity and were able to repair the damage quickly and efficiently. When our team comes onboard, we strive to build a lasting partnership that guarantees we will be there for you long after the project reaches closeout.

We Have Your Back

When the unexpected becomes reality, we are here to help. Our team is flexible, responsive, and committed to our communities, whether it is something large or small.

We have your back.

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