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How Laser Scanning Saved $130,000 on an Equipment Install

The Challenges

When a Fortune 500 food and beverage company asked us to install a large piece of new equipment in a tight space in a legacy building, we knew that “best guesses” wouldn’t get the job done. So we brought in our latest digital modeling tools including a 3D scanner, which revealed everything we needed to know about the building’s structure and infrastructure.

The Solutions

Laser scanning captures as-built data rapidly and precisely – within 1/8 of an inch. This data, a point cloud, is a perfect 3D as-built of existing conditions. It can then be inserted into various 3D modeling platforms for planning/operational purposes, allowing the owner and all trades to have consistent, accurate building data.

The Results

The scans had a variety of time- and cost-saving benefits both anticipated and unanticipated. Such as:

  • We were able to leave in place an access stair that we originally expected to relocate. Net overall cost savings: approximately $18,000.
  • The team discovered discrepancies in the building column locations and were able to compensate accordingly, cutting both time and cost.
  • We saved approximately 10 field trips for dimension verification at a cost savings of $64,500.
  • Scans revealed existing mezzanine columns that were installed approximately 1-1/2” out of plumb, and allowed us to adjust the installation accordingly. In the end the equipment fit as it was fabricated, at a significant savings.
  • We were able to identify column and conveyor interferences, which saved us from having to relocate equipment once it was installed. Net overall cost savings: approximately $45,000. And the approved schedule was met.
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