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Madison Prefabricated Walls Construction Project

Project Overview

Prefabrication is a good fit with JP Cullen’s “Living Lean” philosophy as it increases quality and safety while simultaneously decreasing building time and driving down cost. So it made sense that when we saw an opportunity to employ prefabrication techniques on the internal steel stud walls for these two buildings, we seized it.

The Challenges

To improve schedule and increase quality in the construction of the interior metal stud walls in two 115,000-squarefoot office buildings.

The Solutions

Planning is the most critical part of any of JP Cullen’s prefabrication efforts. Each panel was modeled in our BIM software to minimize errors before drawings were provided to the crew.

The benefits of prefabricated steel stud wall panels were already well known to us, as we’d used them on a previous project. Not only do they improve ergonomics and safety for JP Cullen carpenters, they allow us to restructure the traditional build sequence and increase efficiency. By effectively sequencing through the buildings we keep everyone productive without the congestion created by other workers performing other tasks.

Crew composition was a hidden factor on this project. Many of our carpenters working on the wall panels were apprentices. Crew composition was a hidden factor on this project. By training apprentices across the company on the wall panel process before moving them to the stick frame crew, JP Cullen will be blurring the line between traditional building and prefabrication. This will ingrain prefabrication not as something new, but as the way we do business.

The Results

As a result of their training, the crew competed with, then exceeded, the pace of work of the more experienced stick frame crew. By focusing all efforts on one floor at a time, they were able to get a typical 120 office floor ready for drywall in just 6 days.

In total, over 20,000 linear feet of walls were panelized in both buildings in just 10 weeks, an impressive 35% reduction in schedule.

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