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NorthPointe Health and Wellness Center

Project Overview

The NorthPointe Health & Wellness Center included the development of a 130-acre site, a new 29,000sf, single-story wood frame assisted living complex and a new 126,300sf, two-story health and wellness facility. The health portion of the building includes an exercise area, community rooms, internet cafe, registration area and a seven-lane lap pool. The wellness portion includes a full laboratory, radiology area and physicians’ clinics. Beloit Health System hired JP Cullen as their construction manager for the NorthPointe Health & Wellness facility. Even though this was a health and wellness campus, with assisted living units as well, they wanted it built with the intent that one day it could be easily converted into a hospital.

The Challenges

Before even stepping on site, the project team faced challenges that threatened the project schedule. Permits from various state agencies were being held up and unforeseen site conditions relating to the possibility of historical properties being on the project site presented themselves at the onset of the project, putting the project a month behind schedule.

The Solutions

JP Cullen was brought on board during the preconstruction phase to consult with Plunkett Raysich Architects on value engineering opportunities. JP Cullen and PRA collaborated to ask themselves questions like, “What are various alternative ways of meeting requirements?” and “What else will perform the desired function?” to ensure they were delivering maximum value on the project. When it was discovered that there could be artifacts on the project site, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources conducted an archaeological reconnaissance survey to determine whether historical properties were present on the site. The team also encountered challenges with the approval of agency permits. Obtaining permits can be a challenge on any project, but this project proved to be particularly challenging with the various state agencies. The project team relied on collaboration with the owner, architect and subcontractors to expedite all required permits to obtain them on time in order to not delay schedule. The team also was challenged to come up with unique solutions in order to make up the lost time from the archaeological reconnaissance survey.

The Results

»»Value engineering during preconstruction identified over $1.5 million of areas for cost refinements.

»» JP Cullen dedicated full-time commissioning expert to commission the project, including writing functional tests, conducting above ceiling and in-wall inspections and organizing owner training at no additional cost.

»» Turned over Help Desk, a proprietary, completely customized electronic program to maintain project closeout information. Allows employees to access everything from warranties and operation and maintenance manuals to owner training videos and as-built drawings right at their fingertips.

»» JP Cullen applied its expertise in healthcare with hospital building codes and requirements to this project to build a facility that could be easily converted into a hospital in the future.

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