UW Health Clinical Science Center Office & Research Vertical Expansion

Expanding at UW Health 100 Feet in the Air

The University of Wisconsin Medical School Office and Research Addition to the K4 module of the Clinical Science Center consisted of a 58,000 square-foot, three story, vertical expansion to the existing six-story hospital. The three new floors will house the Medical School’s Departments of Medicine, Neurological Surgery, Pathology, Pediatrics and Surgery.  This expansion included a laboratory, administrative offices, teaching space, and extension of elevators while adjacent cars continued to operate. Additionally, the cancer treatment center was updated to meet current state codes.

Each of the three floors has offices around the perimeter and research labs in the center, with each floor having its own air handling unit. Brick sections on the exterior were extended vertically for pipe and duct mains which included extending the elevators up three more floors. With careful planning, the elevators remained operational during the extension.

The project had additional challenges being built at 100 feet in the air.  To overcome these obstacles, small holes were cut in to the old roof to extend the building columns up to support the new three floors.  Temporary walls were built to fight the wind and to help keep the blowing rain from entering the building through the few openings in the roof that had to be made early in the construction for columns. The old roof of the sixth floor had to be removed down to the concrete structure below to create the new seventh floor. With the final walls and windows constructed around the area, a more typical construction process of finishing the interior can continued out of the extreme weather.