University of Wisconsin-Madison
Meat Muscle Biology Laboratory

Currently, JP Cullen is constructing a state-of-the-art research laboratory for the University of Wisconsin–Madison.  This multi-faceted facility will be used by students, professors, researchers, and food and meat processing companies. The mission of this facility is to train the next generation of meat industry leaders, support innovative research, and provide outreach education.

The facility will contain research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, and specialized animal processing spaces, including an abattoir, carcass chilling and cooling facilities, and a meat processing area.

USDA Certified and BSL2 Lab

This is the only facility in the world to house a USDA Certified Meat Processing Plant and a Biosafety Level II Laboratory under one roof. The facility is able to have both of these areas by using separate sanitary and storm systems.

Retail Meat Store

An important outreach effort of the UW Madison Meat Science Program is the retail store, a student-run meat shop operating within the new laboratory. The general public can purchase products that were produced in the facility.

Use of BIM

In order to build this facility correctly with minimal error, BIM (Building Information Modeling) was used for MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire) coordination. It allows for future interior building systems to avoid clashing and to fit in their designated spaces within the ceiling of the building once built. Through BIM, our team additionally verified that the equipment was going to fit and had the proper clearances for their pre-planned spaces.

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