UW Health

27 Year Partnership

Since 1992, UW Health has selected JP Cullen as a partner to budget, plan, and construct their facilities, including being continually selected as their Contractor Services Provider since 2013.

JP Cullen has worked on 180+ projects in the last few years, including projects such as:

  • American Family Children’s Hospital 7th Floor
  • American Family Children’s Hospital 8th Floor NICU
  • Radiotherapy Therapy Expansion Phases 4 & 5
  • Contractor Services
  • Research Park MRI Renovation
  • Ambulatory Services Build Out
  • Breast Center Renovations
  • Clinical Science Center Addition & Renovation
  • F4/4 – F6/4 Renovation (patient rooms, support spaces, IMC suite)
  • F8/4 Burn Unit Demolition & Renovation
  • Front Entrance Renovation
  • A7/2 Gynecological Subspecialties Clinic Remodel
  • Clinical Science Center Office and Research Vertical Expansion
  • Sports Medicine Clinic Remodel
  • Union Corners Clinic – New
  • Parking Ramp Addition
  • Johnson Creek Clinic Linear Accelerator Upgrades
  • East Clinic Ophthalmology Expansion
  • MRI Suite Renovation
  • Pharmacy Planning & Sterile Products
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic Build Out
  • H6/2 H4/2 Ortho Rehab
  • Ear, Nose & Throat – Head & Neck Surgery Clinic

In addition, we have completed a variety of laboratory projects at UW Health ranging from pharmacy and clinic remodels to a neurosurgery skills lab. Each project completed has been critical to the research and testing done by UW Health to ensure quality and safety of patient care.

The projects completed include:

  • UW Health Cellular Therapy Lab
  • UW Health K4/L1 Vivarium Renovations
  • UW Health SMPH H4/4 Pediatrics Lab Remodel
  • UW Health Oncology Pharmacy & Clinic Remodel
  • UW Health SMPH K6/4 Renovation
  • UW Health K4/4 Neurosurgery Skills Lab

JP Cullen has worked with us in all aspects of our Capital Improvement Program from programming, planning, design, through construction. I have found them to be highly flexible to the needs of our users and very proactive in dealing with professionals. They have been good consultants and trusted advisors to us.

Clark Brenner
Manager of Construction Services, 
UW Health