UW Health Ambulatory Services Build Out

Tackling Challenges on the Three Module Addition

This three module addition was built to provide additional outpatient services for the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics on the main campus in Madison. Outpatient clinics in this building include the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Heart Center, the outpatient Radiology Department, the Women’s Breast imaging Center, the ENT Clinic, and shell space for future clinics. The addition connects to the existing hospital circulation system with an atrium.

Building a 90,000sf addition to an active hospital poses many challenges, one being keeping access available to loading docks and the hospital entrance. With one of the three modules being built into an area of the main entrance, JP Cullen had to come up with solutions to keep the entrance open to allow access for the Hospital’s hundreds of deliveries per day. The crew built a temporary road to be run on while utilities were relocated, and flagmen routed traffic and kept the road clear for deliveries.

JP Cullen’s cranes also brought forward a challenge on this project. Emergency helicopter arrivals were unpredictable, but the crane operator had to clear the airspace with 10 minutes notice. It was particularly difficult with a load on the end of the line of the crane. Communication between the flight crew, crane operator, and rest of the crew allowed for a quick response time to clear the area. A luffing jib was used at night that allowed the crane to bend and rest the tip on the ground to keep safely out of the way of helicopter traffic.

Working through these challenges at a functioning hospital, the completed addition has allowed the UW Hospital to uphold their standards of delivering the best possible services to their patients.