University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Science Learning Center

In effort to support the new ForWard curriculum, the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine made major facility improvements, 356,000 sqft worth. In 2017, Health Science Learning Center (HSLC) embarked on a renovation to create, maintain, and improve their state-of-the-art learning environment. The project renovated approximately 140,0000 sqft of floors 1-4 to enhance the academic affair’s teaching, administrative, and public space.

All of the spaces were designed as one project with a cohesive aesthetic. The project includes a quiet study lounge and renovation of strategic office spaces including Multi-Cultural affairs and the Native American Center for Health Professions, along with conference room upgrades.

Other enhancements included a 3,000 sqft remodel of the second floor office suites which were turned into quiet study spaces, a new Clinical Teaching and Assessment Classroom (CTAC) on the third floor, and a high-efficiency LED lighting with occupancy sensing technology.


"Thank you for providing an excellent team for this vital project.
I look forward to working with you for years to come."

Mark Wells
Assistant Dean for Facilities , 
University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine