Fortune 500 Company Silo
& Transfer System

Project Overview:

This project required JP Cullen to install a corn storage and transfer system. The original plan for this project was to install a new silo and corn transfer that would have shut the plant production down two (2) times for three (3) days each. The plant produces 55,000 pounds of corn products each day, so shutting down was not an option for the Client.

The Challenges:

JP Cullen needed to develop and execute a plan to minimize the shutdown period so our Client could keep up with their normal production. The Client can run four days on a 220,000-pound rail car full of corn so it was crucial that once the last car was unloaded the existing rail-car unload pit conveyor was removed and the new pit conveyor was installed, powered, and tied into a new control system inside the plant to run the new transfer system.

The Solutions:

JP Cullen’s project team worked with the Client and Engineers to develop a new plan which required a total redesign. The new design called for relocating the new silo to the other side of the railroad track. The old silo kept running until it was empty, which gave JP Cullen a six-hour window with the storage capacity inside the plant to do the final transfer pipe through the roof into the corn hopper.

The Results:

JP Cullen was able to complete the project with no downtime at all for the plant, and no delays in the 1-3 rail cars of corn, cornmeal, and oil, plus the 40 semi-trucks filled with a finished product that delivers daily through the worksite. The new transfer system got up and running smoothly without any errors. The Client was able to test everything in time to fill the new silo so it was ready to transfer product without loss production.