Potawatomi Hotel Expansion

In Milwaukee, the Potawatomi Casino and Hotel expanded its lodging capacity. With structural steel required for this new expansion, JP Cullen self-performed the erection of this ongoing project.

Steel Self-Performance Includes:

  • Steel Erection
  • Steel Detailing
  • Moment Welding
  • Shear Studs

As the steel was erected, a difficult challenge laid ahead in the location of the steel erection. Surrounded by existing walls on all but the east wall face of the project, JP Cullen erected the steel from within the closed space toward the road front. Key placement points were designated to strategically fit equipment for the installation and erection of the steel. Additionally, to ward off the difficulties of congestion, JP Cullen and the subcontractors coordinated shipments and construction.

Safety Precautions in the City:

With any elevated projects, safety is a major focus. For this expansion, a major safety concern was associated with pedestrians and vehicles. High traffic areas require acute attention to detail for safety. With fall hazards and shipment deliveries, JP Cullen used crew members to flag both pedestrians and vehicles for safety. Additionally, controlled access zones, appropriate signage, 360 Degree Awareness, and anchor points and tie off points on boom and scissor lifts were utilized.