On The Case For Aerospace

An Aerospace Company partnered with JP Cullen to construct new test cells for rocket engines in addition to a control room, workshop, and pump house. The test cells house two very key areas; the electrical control area and room for testing. This project was 65% self-preformed in structural steel, masonry, concrete, carpentry, steel studding, and dry wall. More critical pieces of the test cells were the thrust take out structure, a platform in which rocket engines would be mounted for testing. A special precaution was taken on the maintenance of quality and tolerances on the structure to ensure the testing of more then 400,000 lbs. of thrust could be accurately applied. The control room and workshop were pre-engineered metal building with limited finishes and accessories. The construction of the pump house is to service on site fire protection as well as noise suppression for rocket engine testing operations. During this phase soil engineers helped to ensure safety through soil stability while extensive dewatering took place.