Milwaukee County Zoo Hippo Exhibit

This past year we started construction at Milwaukee County Zoo, providing a fully renovated hippopotamus exhibit that will be home to hippos, Happy and Patti. Once complete, the exhibit will be one of eight exhibits in North America with an underwater viewing area. The tank itself will hold 60,000 gallons of water and offer visitors the opportunity to get closer to the large mammals than ever before.

The exhibit will offer not only a new space for the hippos to call home, but also more spaces for the hippos to explore. The space will feature a beach area that’s three times larger than their current exhibit, a pool that reaches a 7 foot depth and different slopes that offer the hippos optimal relaxation.

As part of the renovation, the water quality will be increased substantially. By using ozone, the water will be purified and clarified in the indoor and outdoor pools. In turn, this will lead to a more sustainable living situation and less chance of bacteria in the water. Because of the reuse of water, 20 million gallons of water will be saved per year.

This project will be positively effect the zoo and the visitors.