Hamilton Silver Spring Intermediate

After 62% voter approval for a February 2018 referendum for $57.4 million of construction projects, the Hamilton School District built a brand new intermediate school for their fifth and sixth-graders, as well as additions and renovations to their high school.

The intermediate school was the first new school built in the district since 1999. The school was designed and built to alleviate overcrowding in the elementary schools and middle school. Fifth-graders were removed from the elementary schools and sixth-graders from the middle school.

The building is designed to house 750 students but built to accommodate an expansion for up to 1000 students. The new school has 54 classrooms, a three-station gymnasium, library, commons and main music room with six practice rooms.

What makes it unique? The brand new building is energy efficient with extensive use of natural light and materials which in turn helps reduce annual maintenance expenses for years to come. Also, JP Cullen has been Hamilton School District’s contractor since 2003, partnering on over $70 million worth of construction.

One challenge on this project was the winter weather conditions. During construction the crew experienced 40 snow days, days away from work, yet still managed to complete the project one month ahead of schedule.


"JP Cullen and their ability to keep this project on schedule and on budget was remarkable. Even through the winter work they managed to keep it on schedule and budget. I believe it is because of the time and effort they spend ahead of time on preconstruction services.”

Bryan Ruud
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services , 
Hamilton School District