Genoa City Jt. 2 School District
New Elementary School

How Genoa City Overcame Staffing, Programming,
Maintenance & Space Challenges

Genoa City Jt. 2 School District, a 4K-8 district, was struggling to meet their current needs for staffing, programming, maintenance, and space at their aging Brookwood Elementary School. Part of the solution was to raze and replace the 1908 portion of the school, repair and improve the remainder of the school and grounds, construct additional academic spaces and a cafeteria space and equipment related to the projects.

The new elementary school provides much needed modern learning, ADA accessibility, a designated cafeteria space, additional student bathrooms, energy efficiency, and safety throughout the school.

JP Cullen had an eye for detail and they took the initiative to introduce ideas that improved the project. I appreciate their honesty, guidance, and their willingness to go the extra mile. They sought out opportunities to use time wisely and resources to move the project forward.

Kellie Bohn
Genoa City Jt 2 School District