Franklin Forest Park Middle School

The new Forest Park Middle School has a two-story layout to accommodate 1,350 students at full capacity, serving students in grades 6-8. The building houses 42 traditional classrooms in addition to designated spaces for music, art, consumer education and technical education classes. The building was designed to compliment the surrounding neighborhood and include ample green space. The middle school is equipped with modern necessities – secure entry and flexible and appropriate learning environments to best serve the students’ educational needs of today. The new design has a built-in plan for possible expansion, if needed.

All exterior, 10’ x 30’+, wall panels were prefabricated to accelerate schedule. A thorough plan was executed and the team set over 30 panels  a day which allowed for the building to be water tight sooner and for interior work to begin ahead of schedule. The panels were produced at our off-site prefabrication shop and trucked to site. Producing the panels off-site increased worker safety, decreased manpower and allowed faster production due to the controlled environment. By prefabbing  the exterior wall panels it saved 1 month on schedule allowing the building to be enclosed in three short weeks. Also, every classroom has exterior windows, except in the digital arts rooms. The need for natural light influenced the outside perimeter of the building.

"JP Cullen created marketing for us that was concise, visually appealing and impactful. I had a board member comment that our referendum communications were some of the best work our district has put out. It was a relief to have help, especially when creating a video for our referendum."

Meghan Dade
Former Communications Coordinator , 
Franklin Public Schools