Fort HealthCare
Caring MRI Suite

The 3T magnet arrived at Fort HealthCare (FHC), and the construction and installation went without a hitch! FHC once again raised the bar of excellence for their patients with the installation of the GE Discovery MR750W 3.0T. They were the first healthcare provider in Wisconsin to install this MRI system and are a showcase site for GE clients looking to offer this MRI technology to their patients.

When patients come in for diagnostic imaging, they already have a lot on their mind and the last thing they need to worry about is an uncomfortable experience. To put their patient’s minds at ease, FHC worked with GE and PDC to design the Caring MRI Suite. When the patient first walks into the room, they do not see a sterile, uninviting scan room. They see curved LED lighting, wood paneling, and comfortable furniture. On the Discovery MR750W 3.0T, the patients are able to select a theme featuring lighting, music, and nature photography to accompany them during the scan. Additionally, it features a wider bore and a table surface with different cushion densities to help alleviate pressure points. All of this is done to make a more welcoming experience and relaxing exam for the patients.

This project not only benefits the patient experience, but it also helps improve productivity and workflow for clinicians and technologists. The MRI system features innovative technological developments, giving clinicians extremely clear and vivid images and technologists a user-friendly interface, allowing them to focus their attention on the patients.

"This project has been a privilege and honor to bring this advanced technology to Fort HealthCare. Thank you to Greg Dempsey for his guidance and expertise in making this project seamless along with Dan Stigler and the entire crew from JP Cullen."

Cathy Hovel
Radiology Department Manager, 
Fort Memorial Hospital