Fortune 500 Food Client National Audit


JP Cullen provided laser scanning services to audit facilities for new equipment for a Fortune 500 Food Company at 19 different locations across the country.


After being awarded the project in April 2019, the client asked us to complete the project two weeks sooner than originally planned. The team had to plan how to manage their workload so that they could successfully deliver the client the end-product in their time frame, a challenging schedule JP Cullen was determined to meet.

The client gave JP Cullen five critical sites to start with. These five sites were classified as unique and more challenging than the others and included tight working spaces, low head clearance, and unique utility installations. At each of these sites, JP Cullen was joined by the client’s corporate team, and this teamwork helped ensure project success.

Traveling around the country can cause delays when not well planned for, so great care was taken to make travel efficient. The JP Cullen team put together a traveling schedule that allowed them to hit multiple sites at a time, with an extra crew of travelers and scanners in order to cover even more sites. The team also had to coordinate the use of the scanners with other JP Cullen projects to make sure the client’s needs could always be met.

At each site, there was the additional challenge of working on site while the client was in operation. JP Cullen’s goal was to always keep all disruptions as minimal as possible and be as unobtrusive as possible.


In order to meet the quick turnaround schedule for the client, JP Cullen trained additional field crews on the auditing process and was able to send multiple crews to different sites simultaneously. Travel was carefully managed to achieve efficiency and minimize delays by hitting multiple sites at once.

The team would walk the site, meet with the department, and then scan the area. Each site took on average a day and a half to be scanned. At every site, JP Cullen scanned the client’s current machinery and automation facilities, storage, and loading docks, as well as areas the client intended for expansion.

The five critical sites initially determined by the client helped the team make their process maximally efficient for the rest of the sites and helped the owner’s corporate team determine what major things to look for. After those critical sites were completed, the team created a checklist for all of the crews on items to hit at each site. This allowed for a consistency in process at every site.


JP Cullen provided the client a deliverable on their desired schedule, including drawings, scope, and a budget proposal that they could then use to take the project out for bid. This project would not have been possible without the laser scanning services JP Cullen provided to accurately assess the current state of the client’s facilities during the audit. Not only did the use of laser scanning make it possible, but JP Cullen’s packaging expertise and laser scanning knowledge allowed crews to run each audit seamlessly.

Laser scanning provides assurance on knowing that drawings are accurate. It gave JP Cullen the ability to scan a department, return to our home office, and then work off of those scans remote from the client’s site. The point cloud and photos taken during the laser scanning process have continued to provide clarity throughout the design review meetings. The team never needed to go back to a site for any clarifications after scanning it, as all information was already recorded. The results of the audit allowed for the client to validate if there would be room to bring in equipment through certain doors, or if equipment was going to interfere with pipes, ductwork, columns, etc. rather than having to physically go back to each site and measure. Laser scanning allowed our team to audit 19 different packaging sites in 8 weeks.