Direct Supply Innovation & Technology Center

Direct Supply’s Innovation & Technology Center (ITC) is located in the heart of Milwaukee School of Engineering’s campus. This 55,000 sqft building was completely renovated from an 1851 German-English Academy to a forward-thinking space where they are free to independently test, validate and implement ideas. The ITC is the dedicated arm of Direct Supply where they seek to improve existing technologies and develop forward-thinking innovations related to senior health. It is unlike anything in Senior Living – in fact, it is the largest facility of its kind in the country.

Over 200 engineers working in the ITC will collaborate with startups, universities, and progressive care providers to develop technology based solutions that help shape the future of senior care. Part of the renovation was focused on recruiting talent and innovative thinkers in the Milwaukee area. The goals are to help senior care professionals lower costs, improve outcomes and heighten the resident experience in senior care, an industry often under served for innovation.

Shout-out to JP Cullen for their remarkable work making this crazy place a reality.

Tom Paprocki
Managing Director, 
Direct Supply