Active Chemical Plant
Maintenance Contractor

JP Cullen has been a maintenance contractor for a chemical company since 1999. During this time, we have completed addition, renovations, emergency work, and developed a Facility Maintenance relationship.

JP Cullen modified structures and containment systems working with subcontractors and plant maintenance to improve electrical and piping systems for the tank storage units.

Tank Removal

The Chemical company asked JP Cullen to remove a present chemical tank from the plant. There was limited accessibility at the plant. Due to the intricate piping design, limited-access roads, the location right by a river, and being an active chemical plant, the team had to plan the project to the inches with schedules coordinated with the client.

The team only had a few hours to set up the crane and remove the tank due to the client’s daily shipments. To prepare the tank for removal, the team used a plasma cutter to cut holes to shackle the rigging to.

The crane was then set up in the middle of the surrounding tank farm inches from each wall. The tank was hoisted around other existing tanks and turned on its side onto a large rolling cart. With just three inches of clearance under the existing pipe rack, the tank was pulled out of the alley.

The project was completed on time and was a success with no injuries due to the team’s plan and constant communication.

Our 60th celebration was a big deal for the plant. JP Cullen had a task list for what we knew we had to do, they really shined as we discovered all of the “day of event” surprises. They got everything we needed to be done, quickly and professionally. Many people commented on what a lifesaver your guys were.

Manager, Engineering Services,