Blackhawk Technical College
Health Sciences

The Blackhawk Technical College Health Sciences Renovation Project, located at the Blackhawk Technical College Central Campus in Janesville, is a 50,000 square foot health care training facility – giving the program more than double the previous space. However, it’s more than just space; the remodel created a more realistic workplace setting with classrooms designed to better help teachers teach and students learn.

Blackhawk Technical College is an institution of higher education which provides a future for the community through excellence in technical education – in this project, specifically Health Sciences. This is achieved by offering comprehensive occupational skills training which enables students to be able to participate in the working world. In particular, the Health Sciences Division of Blackhawk Tech offers students access to a state-of-the-art facility, hands-on training and some of the best technology in the state.

Their generous donation is just one example of the Cullen family's commitment to our community. They clearly understand the importance of a technical college education, and how our graduates fill essential positions in the workforce and contribute to the economic growth of our region.

Dr. Tracy Pierner
President of Blackhawk Technical College, 
Blackhawk Technical College