Ascension St. Francis Hospital Third Floor Renovation

The project consisted of a demolition and remodel of the North Wing, South Wing and Central Area of St. Francis Hospital’s Third Floor — an area totaling 24,000 square feet — all of which is surrounded by multiple bustling departments, an MRI unit, a Catheterization Lab, an Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Unit – running 24 hours a day.

A total of nine floors of all new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, walls and finishes, and new plumbing infrastructure for an entire patient tower was needed. All done without disrupting any of the hospital’s operations.

To solve the demolition problem the team did mostly hand demolition, both to extend work hours and to avoid disturbing the surrounding areas. They also worked closely with the hospital administration and surrounding departments to coordinate demolition, loud activities or utility shutdowns. We took great care not to disturb a nearby MRI unit, for example, and relocated a special care nursery on an upper floor to keep the infants away from the construction noise.