Ascension St. Francis Hospital
IR Bi-Plane

Things weren’t going well with the Ascension Health – St. Francis Hospital renovation. The hospital was eager to introduce new equipment to an existing space, but the project had ground to a halt on four separate occasions due to the fact that the equipment was taller than the ceilings in the rooms. JP Cullen put our digital scanning technology to work and in the end created a custom-designed ceiling solution.
The first task: measure the space — precisely. We brought in our BIM team and used a 3D laser scanner to collect and define the dimensions. Within hours we captured 200+ million data points and measured the space down to one hundredth of an inch. The result was a perfect 3D as-built of the existing rooms.The data showed clearly that using the specified ceiling system would not be possible — but the team wasn’t going to give up that easily. They began to look into alternative options, but soon concluded that no pre-made ceiling system would provide the perfect fit. The only remaining options: use the precise measurements to create a custom solution that they would design and fabricate themselves.
Combining our expertise in 3D laser scanning with our experience in the healthcare market, we developed the ultra low-profile ceiling system. Today the St. Francis interventional radiology suite is operating at full speed, and the equipment has all the headroom it needs.