Argyle School District


A facility committee, made up of community members, board members, staff, and administration was formed to study the building needs at Argyle School District. A comprehensive review of the school identified a list of the most pressing infrastructure needs that needed to be addressed.

The $9.1 million project covered a new technical education addition, maintenance garage, roof replacement, and renovations to the existing facility including, corridor floor replacement, science room remodel, elementary gym remodel, HVAC system upgrade, and a locker room remodel. It also included a new auxiliary gymnasium addition.

During the construction of this project, our crews got the tech ed students involved as a learning opportunity. Students were provided with hands-on experience in using masonry tools and materials. We prefabricated the masonry bond beam lintels in their shop to show them how to build them and what they would be used for on the addition to their schools. Involving students in the project is a great way to give them a real-life example of what it is like to work in the trades, and gives them the opportunity to stamp their legacy on their own school!

JP Cullen has been very fair and honest in trying to make sure that we are receiving the best quality product at the best price. It doesn't matter if it's a large ticket item or as simple as a cabinet hinge, everything is given the same amount of attention to detail.

Keith Peterson
Argyle School District