American Family Children’s Hospital 8th Floor NICU Expansion

Expanding an Active NICU

The UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital needed to expand their NICU floor. The plan: convert the entire 8th floor to become a solely NICU floor. JP Cullen upgraded and renovated the south side of the floor to accommodate this need for more space.

The process involved taking 12 Universal Patient Care Rooms and upgrading to NICU rooms to convert the overall 8th floor to a NICU floor. The Universal Patient Care Rooms were then moved down to the 7th floor, all while maintaining an active NICU. Upgrades were made on the entire 8th floor to finishes of the space, new electrical components, and remodeling of existing offices.

Limiting noise and vibrations was extremely important on this project because of the construction being done on the same floor as the active NICU. JP Cullen successfully completed the project on time, within budget, and with little disruption to patients and staff.