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Please join us in congratulating Kevin Hickman on his promotion to Vice President – Strategic Client Relationships!

Posted By culleneditor On October 7, 2014

More often than not, people automatically have a negative perception ingrained in their minds as to the mold a “sales” person must fit. That is not the case for Kevin Hickman, Business Development Director for JP Cullen, in fact it is quite the opposite. He has made a huge impact on JP Cullen and the AEC industry; from revolutionizing the way we assist clients with pre-referendum services, to implementing and leading our sales process while coaching employees on putting the client first, to his involvement in countless associations and organizations, and generating a network of clients who respect and continue to work with him because of the kind of person he is. “Kevin understands that he cannot capture the work on his own,” said Ron Becher, President of JP Cullen. “He is a great coach, teaching and bringing others along to help win the work.”

Kevin also lends his expert advice as a referendum consultant for K-12 school districts and technical colleges across the state. He shares his knowledge with leaders in these markets on passing referenda as a featured speaker at WASB, WASDA, WASBO, WSPRA and AWSA Conferences. In addition, he also has authored a book, “The Roadmap To Yes,” which outlines tools and best practices to plan and execute a successful referendum. Kevin has an 85% success rate on K-12 and technical college referenda, most recently leading Edgerton School District to a YES vote on Election Day. “Kevin was very active throughout the referendum campaign,” said Dr. Dennis Pauli, District Administrator for Edgerton School District. “His involvement was instrumental in our successful referendum campaign in which we passed both questions with more than 70% of voters approving.”

Kevin also gives back to the industry through his involvement in countless associations and organizations. He serves on the board of directors as the secretary for Independent Disability Services, board member of Junior Achievement of Rock County, and a member of the Rotary Club of Madison. He is the President of the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association, where he has been involved since 2010. “Kevin has been a fantastic asset and resource to the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association (WSPRA),” said Kit Dailey, Past President of WSPRA. “Since joining the WSPRA Board several years ago, he has contributed directly to the growth of our organization by consistently utilizing his savvy marketing and social media skills. He genuinely cares about WSPRA’s mission and values, so much so that he willingly stepped into the critical leadership role of WSPRA President for the next two years.”

“Creating an atmosphere of open communication and trust is my first priority. I enjoy getting to know each client and their specific needs to build the best project team when the time comes to help them. Creating relationships with clients for life is beneficial for everyone,” says Hickman.

Kevin consistently goes above and beyond what is required of him in everything he does, making a huge impact on not only JP Cullen, but the AEC industry as well. Kevin is a very motivated professional, full of integrity and continually working to improve JP Cullen’s services for clients and helping clients achieve their vision.