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Meet the Crew – Alex Sleaver

Posted By Tiffany Scuglik On November 29, 2017

Alex Sleaver is a Marketing Assistant at JP Cullen.  She has been working at JP Cullen for almost two years. We sat down her for a Q&A to learn more about her!

What caused you to get into your profession?

I got into designing thanks to one of my high school teachers opening my eyes to the endless opportunities it has. I honestly never thought that my love for art, something I think is so much fun, could actually be something I could make a living doing. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have parents who, at the time, didn’t quite understand what I’d end up doing, support my decision to move forward pursuing graphic design. This is a job I love coming to work doing and am very passionate about. Sometimes when people ask what I do (especially the older generation, like my grandpa) I just say, “basically I color for a living and get paid to do it!” Ok no, it’s not that simple but most times it is that fun!

What is your proudest achievement?

I graduated college in 3 years with a 4-year degree in Public Relations and Graphic Design, all while changing my major/minor multiple times and working a few part-time jobs.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

She’s not really a superhero but I’d like to be like Samantha in Bewitched so that I could just wiggle my nose and things would happen. For example, if I was late, I could just change the clock back to give me those 5 extra minutes.  It would be especially helpful getting ready in the morning because I could, just wiggle my nose and I’d be ready! Ah, that would be the life!

What was the funniest moment in your career?

Probably when a coworker and I got on the elevator at the Madison Office and were too busy talking that we didn’t get off on the right floor and didn’t realize it until we had already rode it all the way to the top and back to a floor that the same UPS guy we got on with was already getting back on to go back down. A little embarrassing but gave us a good laugh!

Fun facts: 

• I’m the face of JP Cullen’s social media accounts! So, now you know who is always coming up all those (sometimes) cheesy status’ and who you might be interatcing with!

• I’m getting married next year!

• My fiancé and I adopted our pup Hank, from Paddy’s Paws this past year!

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