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Celebrating 125 Years of Family Business

Posted By Tiffany Scuglik On February 20, 2017

When the builders at JP Cullen exclaim “We’re JP Cullen, the Tough Job Experts” it is more than just a slogan. Since its founding in 1892, JP Cullen  has provided extensive management and construction services to the healthcare, industrial, commercial, institutional, and restoration markets in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

Embracing contemporary times, the firm was re-branded as JP Cullen in 2015, yet the company remains true to its hometown roots of Janesville, WI as a major player in Construction Services. Its headquarters are sited in an unobtrusive, low lying red brick building on Janesville’s Southside.  JP Cullen has very important satellite offices in the capitol square of downtown Madison and Brookfield, WI.

John Patrick (J.P.) Cullen founder of JP Cullen and president from 1892 to 1935

J.P. Cullen, Founder

John Patrick (J.P.) Cullen – Founder of JP Cullen

John Patrick (J.P.) Cullen, the 1st, was a skilled carpenter who built numerous homes and businesses throughout southern Wisconsin in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The company’s first job was erecting the Samson Tractor Company, which was eventually General Motors and over the years had grown to 3,000,000 sq. ft. built by the JP Cullen Company.

J.P.’s one son, Mark A., joined his father in the business after serving in WWI, with the company becoming J.P. Cullen & Son.  Mark A.’s son, also a J.P., took over the reins in 1960 and Sons became part of the company.  Under J.P.’s watchful eye, the JP Cullen Company expanded operations around the Midwest.

Richard Cullen, J.P. Cullen, Mark Cullen, and David Cullen stand in front of Bascom Hall at UW-Madison recognized as builders of the university

From left, Richard Cullen, J.P. Cullen, Mark Cullen, and David Cullen

Cullen Brothers & 5 Generations of Family

J.P.’s sons, Mark, David, and Richard Cullen graduated into corporate positions in the 1980’s pushing the company’s limits ever outward. Ensuring the corporation’s longevity with a pension for having smart creative colleagues, the 5th generation of Cullen’s includes sons and daughters coming into their own.

JP Cullen’s longevity of 125 years and 5 generations of family ownership is unique in the United States business world. It is further unique as there are very few family owned construction companies that have stood this test of time. The Cullen’s would be the first to admit that much of this has been achieved with loyal and dedicated employees and an eye towards systematic processes and technologically at a superior level, which creates great value for their customers.

JP Cullen – Today

JP Cullen has become a $400,000,000 full-service preconstruction and construction organization with over 600 employees. It has always taken a team approach with skilled professionals working in tandem. This can be seen in several instances, where not only the Cullen’s have worked with the organization but also many employees who have had generations of their family’s work within the organization.

Roof lift workers under roof

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