6 Ways Prefabrication Can Benefit Your Construction Project

Prefabrication is not a new concept to the construction industry; it has been around for centuries.  However, it has reinvented itself with the growth of Building Information Modeling (BIM).  BIM enables the increased use of prefabrication, making it more feasible to implement on projects. Read on below to find out what prefabrication is and the[…]


Microhospitals: What are They and How will They Provide Better Patient Care

Bigger is better, right?  Not necessarily.  In the fast-paced world of hospitals and patient care, some facilities are choosing to build small, aiming to serve specific communities in affordable ways with small-footprint hospitals that are being called microhospitals. Microhospitals, as recently discussed in Healthcare Financial Management’s November 2016 issues strive to provide convenience and local[…]

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