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J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc. announces that Vice President – Milwaukee Division, Larry Rocole and Senior Project Manager, Shannon Metoxen have been recognized as a Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) by the American Hospital Association (AHA) Certification Center.

The CHC is a national credential that verifies they have met educational and professional experience requirements, and through a rigorous examination process have mastered a well-defined body of knowledge considered important to competent practice in today's healthcare field.

To earn the CHC, an individual must satisfy eligibility requirements that incorporate a blend of professional experience and education, agree to adhere to the AHA Professional Standards of Conduct, and pass the CHC Certification Examination. The CHC Examination assess knowledge required of a competent healthcare construction manager in areas of Healthcare Industry Fundamentals; Planning, Design, and Construction Process; Healthcare Facility Safety Additions and Renovations; and Financial Stewardship. The CHC Program supports the community of healthcare construction professionals and is designed to provide an objective and rigorous assessment of mastery of a well-defined body of professional knowledge. Additionally, certificates’ demonstrate their continued professional development and commitment to the profession by maintaining the certification through participation in professional development activities.

The AHA Certification Center offers certification in five healthcare disciplines. In addition to Certified Healthcare Constructor, the AHA Certification Center recognizes Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professionals (CHESP), Certified Healthcare Facility Managers (CHFM), Certified Materials & Resource Professionals (CMRP), and Certified Professionals in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM). Further information may be obtained by calling the AHA Certification Center at (312) 422-3715 or visit the website of the AHA Certification Center at

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